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Solaris Bonhooghly

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    Solaris Bonhooghly Phase 1 & 2

    - Construction in Full Swing

  • 2

    Received Affordable Housing Project of the Year (East) by Realty Plus Excellence Awards

  • 3

    Awarded Best Upcoming Budget Residential Project of the Year by CREDAI Bengal

  • 4

    Brand Leadership Award (Real Estate) by West Bengal Best Brands


A range of amenities, comforts and conveniences make Solaris Bonhooghly the perfect home for you and your family. These affordable apartments in Bonhooghly, Kolkata are set to completely transform the lifestyle of its residents through modern amenities.

It all began with realistic appraisal of your living needs and creation of living spaces that are truly affordable.

Think of affordable flats in North Kolkata – think of Solaris Bonhooghly.

Affordable Price

It has been Eden Realty’s vision to build and promote Real Affordable housing for all. Solaris projects have taken this forward. Down Payment for standard flats excluding other charges and GST. Instalment Payment option also available. For details please consult the General Terms and Conditions. There is no income criteria for application. Any one can apply for any type of flat.

Low Maintenance

Maintenance charges < ₹ 1 per sq.ft. per month

We plan to reduce the maintenance charges to about 50% of the existing industry norms. We intend to achieve reduction of common electricity charges by 90% through generation of ₹ 10 lacs worth Free Green Electricity for common lighting and utilities through installing Grid Tied Roof Top Solar Panels and through net metering with CESC.

The above projections are estimated and are subject to actual weather as well as market conditions

Abundant Luxury

11000 sq.ft. of Community Space

Best in class facilities are provided to the residents which include Roof Top Community space, Activity centre with Gymnasium, Games Room, Children's Play Area, Senior Citizen's Corner, Adda Zone and Swimming Pool

Best Use of Light, Air and Living Space

All 4 sides /3 sides open flats ensure that you have abundant light and air in all cross ventilated rooms.

In-wall hanging wardrobe space in every bedroom gives you the luxury of using your floor space more efficiently and innovatively.

Easy Access for people with special needs

Ramps will be available in suitable areas to provide easy access for those with special needs. This is also supplemented by installation of Stretcher Lifts to cater to emergency requirements.

Convenient Location

Solaris Bonhooghly is minutes away from Dunlop Bridge, Belgharia Expressway, Dakshineswar Kali Temple, Dum Dum Airport and close to everyday conveniences.

Located within 500 m off B.T. Road, next to Bonhooghly Lake, it is only 5 minutes to Baranagar Railway Station, 8 minutes to Noapara Metro Railway Station and 20 minutes to the Airport.

Solaris Bonhooghly is in close proximity to a number of conveniences ranging from education institutions, hospitals, markets and much more.

Green Living

Installation of grid-tied 100kw roof top Solar PV Panels makes your living truly affordable as it will generate approximately 1,50,000 kWh of Free Green Electricity.

This will also ensure about 120 Tonnes of CO2 emission savings annually which is roughly equivalent to emission of 100 diesel city vehicles in a year.

The carbon foot print savings from such an initiative will help in creating a cleaner atmosphere for our future generations to breathe in.

By generating lakhs of units of green electricity from Solar panels, you proudly contribute in global energy sustainability.

With Solaris Bonhooghly, it is not only affordable buying but affordable living too!

The above projections are estimated and are subject to actual weather as well as other relevant conditions.

CLSS Compliant

The apartments at Solaris Bonhooghly conform to the norms prescribed for benefits under Credit Linked Subsidy Scheme (CLSS) of Govt. of India's Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana (PMAY) - Housing for All.

Applicants desirous of availing benefits under the scheme may approach the approved banks/financial institutions while applying for Home Loan. The subsidy amount will be directly transferred to the Home Loan Account by the Government for all eligible applicants.

Eligible applicants buying under instalment payment option will get subsidy under the scheme up to an amount of ₹ 2.67 lacs.

Home Loan processing charges will also be waived for the loan amount eligible for such subsidy.

Apartments at Solaris Bonhooghly are also open to applicants who do not require or qualify for CLSS benefits.
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